Connie Sue Gilkeson-Boggess

Owner/Maker, Good Horse Scents I am a maker. I started this journey in 2011, when I was diagnosed with food intolerances. The road to making handcrafted soap, bath and body products using natural ingredients that are local to WV, but can be found around the world, has lead to where we are now. I am proud to farm and harvest what I can but also teach locally on how to make! I’ve attended a few conferences and gatherings, but I seek out opportunities to learn from when and wherever I can.

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Hello! By formal education I’m an Occupational and Recreational Therapist. I’m a wife, a mom to two teens, a daughter and a sister. My tribe of friends has done what they can to support me as fiercely as I do with their pursuits.

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Lotion Making For Beginners: It makes Good Horse Sense!

Connie Sue Gilkeson-Boggess