Elin Criswell

Administrative Director, Lone Star Soapers / The Country Soaper Administrative Director - Lone Star Soapers Networking Group - since/2019 Author, Bubbles to Bucks ... How to Make Money Selling Soap - 2013 Author, Creative Soap Making... the Basics & Beyond - 2010 Co-founder/Event Director, Lone Star Soap & Toiletries - since 1/2010 Texas Soapmakers Association, Planning Committee Member - 2009 Texas Soapmakers Association, President - 2006 Texas Soapmakers Association, Secretary - 2005 Texas Soapmakers Association, Convention Committee Chair - 2004 Owner/Operator of The Country Soaper - since 10/2003

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Elin Criswell serves as the Administrative Director of the Lone Star Soapers Networking Group. She is a fourth-generation Texas soapmaker of Swedish descent who first experimented with the craft in 1990, got serious about it in 2000, and has been making soap ever since.

In the beginning, Elin was content as a soap hobbyist for three years, before she launched her soap business, The Country Soaper, in 2003. She sells her products through wholesale accounts and at artisan shows.

In 2004, Elin served as the Texas Soapmakers Association’s Convention Chairman, 2005 Secretary, 2006 President and Planning Committee member in 2009.

On January 1, 2010, she co-founded Lone Star Soap & Toiletries along with Starlene Moore and became sole owner of the business in 2014. Elin has served as Lone Star’s event planner since it’s beginning. On July 13 2019, Lone Star was rebranded and relaunched as the Lone Star Soapers Networking Group.

Elin is the author of two soap-related books, Creative Soap Making ... the Basics and Beyond and How to Make Money Selling Soap.

She greatly enjoys teaching basic soap making classes in her home and participating in living history events.

She lives with her family and their two dogs and two cats at their country home in Northwest Williamson County, Texas. When she’s not making soap, she could be out enjoying long drives in the country or sipping coffee just about anywhere.

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Elin Criswell